Infobird is a supplier of SAS in China with innovative AI customer commitment solutions. Cloud architecture, IT, and machine learning capabilities are self-developed. For the total CN Å 3MI1 round, Infobird has accumulated.

The Angel Round was launched on 21 October 2016. On 19 April 2021, with 00 4.00, their stock opened. Infobird finances Guangx Venture Capital. Infobird is registered under the info ticker named Nasdaq IFBD at

Company Description:

Infobird Co., Ltd. operates as a provider of services (SAAS) in the People’s Republic of China as a customer involvement solution software provider of Artificial Intelligence (AI). It offers its customers standard services based on customer relations, such as SaaS and business process outsourcing. It offers club-based Sales Power-Management Software with AI-powered control systems, which includes intelligent quality inspection and intelligent training software to help its customers track, code, and improve agent performance.

Headquartered in Beijing, China, Infobird began trading in the market for Nasdaq Capital on 20 April 2021. Initial public served 6.25 million ordinary stocks. Before underwriting discounts and commissions for a $4.00 public bidding price per share. It serves mainly finance, education, public services, healthcare, and consumer product companies and organizations.

Growth Of Stocks:

The major U.S. stock in transactions was the biggest profitable trade. Recently, the company sold 6.25 million shares in an IPO, which raised $ 25 million, at $ 4 per share. In price, the company is valued at $ 101.0 million.

Since the opening, they had continued to rise, recently growing by 113.8 percent at $8.55.

The Company reported $1,6 million net earnings on revenues in the six months ended June 2020 of $6.2 million, after net earnings in the same period in 2019 of $2.0 million, and $9.4 million net earnings. On one day, the company was made public, with the Renaissance IPO ETF IPO, -0.47 percent decreasing by -0.02 percent and the S&P 500 SPX, -0.02 percent falling by -0.9 percent.

Market Outlook:

After the U.S., China which accounts for about 14 percent of the global industry, is the second-largest cloud solution market. China’s cloud infrastructure cost increased by 32% ($39.9 billion) in the fourth quarter of 2020.

As one of the long-term manufacturers of domestic SaaS solutions, it can leverage the wide range of smooth, customizable, and scalable solutions, leverage the market for inadequacies, and gain business growth opportunities.

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